Should I Hang My Art Central To My Wall Or Centrally Above My Sofa?

I was speaking to a friend recently who was struggling with the positioning of his art work in his living room and wanted some advice.  His problem revolved around the fact that there wasn’t enough space for his sofa to sit centrally against the wall and also fit in a side table.  He really wanted the extra table space but that meant pushing the sofa up against the side wall.  This left him unsure where to hang his artwork, should he hang it centrally on the wall or centrally above the sofa?  We’ve recently replicated the situation in our showroom with the Soho sofa from Ashley Manor and Art from Complete Colour, and I’ve taken some pictures below to show how we helped him to overcome this problem.

We would always recommend hanging your Artwork centrally above your furniture, it will be one of the main focal points of your room and as you can see from the two images below this will give you a much more balanced effect.

Art central to Wall

Art central to sofa


Finish the look

Whilst hanging your artwork centrally to your sofa does give you greater balance there is still the frustration of the lack of symmetry on the wall.  The simple way you can overcome this is by adding a tall piece of furniture such as a shelf unit or in this case we used one of our tall floor lamps from Danalight, as shown below.  The lamp works as a border, re-framing the available wall space so that the Artwork is now central between wall and lamp whilst remaining central to the sofa. In the case of my friend who wanted a side table we recommended a tall table lamp to accomplish the same effect.

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