Standard back cushions or pillow back?

Choosing between standard back and pillow back is one of the trickiest decisions that our customers have to make when buying their sofa. Not all suppliers offer both options but it is a choice with most of our Ashley Manor models. So what is the difference and the benefits of the two different styles? First we’ll take a look at the pillow back.

Below is a picture of the Valencia 4 seater sofa with pillow back;

Valencia Pillow Back

Valencia pillow back 4 seater sofa

Pros of the pillow back

  • Most people find them more attractive – With more colours and patterns in the pillows you can normally design a really good looking sofa.
  • Easier to co-ordinate with your room – Again with the extra colour options you can tie it in with the accessories such as the art and lamps of your room.
  • You can order the pillow backs with different fabrics on both sides and turn them to suit your mood.
  • Soft, squashy back rest that you can relax into.
  • Pillows can be moved so you can relax into your most comfortable position.

Cons of the pillow back

  • Looks messy after use – This is the number one complaint on pillow back sofas. You have to constantly plump them up after use for a consistent look. If you are not willing to do this after each use the pillow back might drive you mad.
  • Little support – Although squashy and comfortable it doesn’t offer the same level of back support as the firmer, chunkier standard back.

Standard back

below is the Valencia 2 seater sofa this time with standard back;

Valencia Standard Back (1)

Valencia standard back 2 seater sofa

Pros of the standard back

  • Easy maintenance – the standard back sofa retains it’s cushion shape very well although you will still have to plump it up occasionally to keep it looking at it’s best.
  • Better support – the standard back cushions are much bigger and thicker than the pillows offering greater back support and to most people a more comfortable sit.
  • Can be enhanced with extra scatter cushions, to complete that chic mediterranean look or stay on trend with the style/colour of the moment.
  • You can turn the back cushions around to spread the life of the material.

Cons of the standard back

  • Less choice – with less pillows you have less fabric choice to brighten up your sofa.
  • The standard back cushions are really only effective in the one position unlike the pillows which can be moved into the position to suit you.

In general we usually find that the ladies prefer the aesthetics of the pillow back, where as the gents prefer the comfort of the standard back, which can cause some heated debate… that the ladies normally come out on top of. It’s all personal preference at the end of the day in terms of both comfort and style, and you’re always best to try both styles in-store where possible. Sales of both styles are quite even and they both look great, but if you really don’t like having to plump up your cushions on a daily basis then the pillow back might not be for you.

We currently have 4 ranges from Ashley Manor on show that have the option of pillow/standard back cushions;

The Hepburn – a modular unit that you can build to your specification with corner units and chaise longues.

The Seville – very similar in style to the Valencia but with the rounded arm.

The Valencia – as shown above. The range includes 4 different sofa sizes, an arm chair & 2 storage footstools.

The Francesca – A new model for 2016. The Francesca is a modern classic sofa collection featuring precious pintuck and hand studded details. The mineral inspired fabric collection brings together an eclectic mix of pattern and sumptuous textural velvet.

Come in and try them for yourselves and see which you prefer!