We are family!

Mia Stanza is a family business and we don’t just mean it’s owned by a family who you never see!  When you want to talk to someone in the store at Mia Stanza you will always speak to a member of our family either Dad Eric, Mum June, Daughter Louise or Son Nick, one of those 4 smiling in the picture.

So what if it’s a family business, you might ask?!

  • There’s NO pushy salesman, we’re not on commission.
  • You’ll get expert advice and service, we know our products inside out, everything you see has been carefully selected and planned out by one of us 4.
  • Eric has been in the industry for over 40 years, there’s nothing he doesn’t know.
  • If you have a complaint with your purchase you can speak to the family member who sold it to you. But we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you don’t have any problems because we don’t like complaints!
  • We want you to love the furniture you buy from us, we want you to come back when you want more furniture or accessories and we want you to be so happy with your new purchases that you tell your family and friends all about us.

Why not come and visit our Nantwich showroom!

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