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Price Promise.

We’ll match our competitors’ prices for any customer within 50 miles of the Store.

Want to be sure you’re getting the best price available? Here at Mia Stanza, we promise to match or beat the price you’d pay at our rivals, for all products and delivery, within 50 miles of the store.  Even if our competitor’s running a promotion or sale, and even up to 7 days after you’ve bought from us.

We’ll also try our best to match prices for our customers further afield.

Whilst we can always match product prices, long distance delivery costs for large items can sometimes make it too costly for us to compete, whilst still offering our high standard of service, but we will always try our best to give you  the best price!

How to request a price match

Simply visit us in-store or call us on 01270 628836 and speak to a member of the family, once we have checked our competitors offer is for the same product and service we will work out our best offer for you.

Price promise terms and conditions

  1. We’ll match our competitor’s current UK store or website price on deliveries within 50 miles of our store.
  2. The competitor’s item must be brand new, identical to ours, and offered on the same terms.
  3. Our competitor must have the product available for delivery in the same timescale as us.
  4. We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock position.
  5. We’ll match the price of an item; not delivery charges or other services.
  6. Cannot be used with any other offer.