Leather Chairs.

A luxury leather chair is an excellent addition to any living room or space, providing you with a comfortable seat whilst also adding to the elegant décor of the room. It can be hard to find furniture which is both comfortable, functional and stylish. At Mia Stanza, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique product that is perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

Why Buy a Designer Leather Armchair?

Living room chairs are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to luxury sofas. The compact stature of a leather armchair compared to a larger sofa makes them ideal for smaller rooms tight on space. Not only this, but they are also great for bringing a spacious and open feeling to a larger room as they take up considerably less space than a sofa. As the trend of open plan living spaces grows, modern leather chairs continue to be a popular choice.

Another advantage of choosing an armchair is they are perfect for those who enjoy their personal space. Sharing a sofa can be challenging for some people; by purchasing a leather armchair, you have the option to sit alone and relax in your own space.

The Benefits of Choosing Leather

Durability – One of the significant benefits of choosing leather armchairs over fabric is durability. Leather can last up to five years longer than a fabric sofa, making them an excellent long-term investment.

Easy to maintain – Compared to fabric, which requires thorough and regular washing to prevent staining, leather can be easily wiped down when there is a spillage. This makes it much easier to clean and viable for houses with children or those prone to spilling. For households with furry pets, it also means that pet hair will not cling to the material and can be easily wiped.

Lasting Colour – As leather is dyed using a particular process, brighter, richer colours can be achieved. The leather absorbs the dye, maintain vivid pigments over an extended period.

Our luxury leather armchairs are available in various colours and shapes and can be purchased online or at our Cheshire furniture store today. For more information on our designer leather armchairs collection, give us a call on 01270628836 or fill out one of our enquiry forms today.