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Fama’s best selling recliner armchair.


It does it all, it rocks, it swivels and it reclines making the Moonrise one of the most, if not the most, comfortable armchair around. Whether you want to drift away with the Moonrise’s calming rocking motion, swivel to face the action or recline to an almost horizontal position, you can do everything with the this fantastic chair from Fama. With its now iconic style, with gorgeous curved arms, you can really make your room stand out, especially when you design it with your own choice of up to 5 different fama fabrics.

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  • Iconic design
  • Rocks, Swivels and reclines
  • Huge choice of fabrics and leathers
  • Touch sensitive electric recliners
  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Good guarantee
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  • The rocking motion can’t be turned on and off for those with motion sickness.
  • Requires a space of 28cm behind the chair to recline into.






Price & Availability

It’s in the upper price range for a recliner with an RRP of £1745 (at the time of writing) but with all of it’s comfort boosting features and great design it’s worth paying a bit more for. There are over 400 fabrics to choose from, all of which are in the same price bracket and you can use multiple fabrics at no extra cost. If you don’t want fabric you can also have the Moonrise leather made in one of Fama’s hundreds of leathers for an extra fee.

Delivery from Spain in approximately 8 weeks, making Fama one of the fastest of our suppliers and a very good turn around for a custom made chair.

2 Moonrise recliners & Afrika sofa



Slight modifications have been made to the original Moon Chair design improving its incredible comfort for the taller user with a new adjustable headrest and the footrest now follows down in one whole piece from the seat, giving slightly more leg support. It’s curved arms and unique style means it compliments nicely with many sofas.

Sustainability and the environment

Fama take their environmental responsibilities very seriously, using woods from sustainable forests, recycling 98% of their waste and refining their manufacturing and delivery processes to eliminate wastage.


The Moonrise is a very comfortable chair loved by nearly all who sit in it. The seat foam is a medium density with plenty of give, not super squashy and not rock hard, with a softer back cushion and two soft arm cushions that give you the feeling of a warm hug.

The recliner has come a long way from the original manual version of the Moon chair. The new touch sensitive, electric system allows you to stop the reclining motion at any point from your upright seating position to practically horizontal, meaning you can find the perfect position for your posture.

The headrest is adjustable, like a car headrest and can be moved up and down to suit.


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Moonrise leather chair from Fama

Moonrise leather chair from Fama






The Moonrise is a very low maintenance piece of furniture, although the manufacturers will recommend daily dressing and plumping of the cushions, we’ve found that it retains it’s shape very well. The back cushions are zipped to the frame and can be removed occasionally if it needs a good plump up and the seat cushion is attached by velcro, so can again be removed and the fabric straightened out by hand.

Longevity Guarantee/Warranty

Fama have a lot of confidence in the structure of their furniture and offer a lifetime guarantee on the frames of all their sofas and chairs and 10 years on the suspension. In the rare event that anything does go wrong we’ve found that Fama’s customer care is second to none and they are always a pleasure to deal with.


The Moonrise is an extremely comfortable and stylish armchair with a lot of great features packed into one chair. It’s iconic design sits well with most sofas and fama’s extraordinary range of fabrics and leathers means you can build it to suit your personality. The recline system is very smooth and can be mains powered or battery operated, depending on your preferences or the set up of your room.

Who this is for

The Moonrise appeals to a broad range of customers, male and female, young and old, a great family chair or ideal for the more mature user looking to relax and find the perfect reclined position. It can look very modern or classic depending on the choice of fabric.

How does it arrive and will it fit through tight access?

The Moonrise arrives in a compact package and will fit through most access. The back cushion zips off so the chair can be turned on its side to get through most doorways.

Should you buy it?

If you want a very stylish and comfortable recliner with a swivel and rocking action with the addes bonus of a great guarantee then this is the chair for you.

At Mia Stanza we stock a fantastic range of designer furniture online and in store. What’s more you can design your own chairs with the help of our expert team, or online. Design and buy your Moonrise chair today.


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