Bontempi: A Legacy of Italian Craftsmanship

With over 60 years of unwavering dedication to beauty, comfort, and absolute quality, Bontempi stands as an epitome of Italian excellence. Rooted in a continuous pursuit of perfection, Bontempi Casa, founded by Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi in 1963, has evolved into a crossroads of values where design, material know-how, technology, and ancient craftsmanship seamlessly converge.

Evolution Through Passion: Alessandro and Giancarlo transformed their passion into a thriving business, starting with Mobilfer, a company specializing in metal craftsmanship. A renewed approach to materials paved the way for revolutionary products, setting the stage for the birth of Bontempi Casa in the seventies and the subsequent introduction of Ingenia Casa in the eighties.

Tradition Meets Innovation: Bontempi Casa collections skillfully marry tradition and innovation, interpreting living and contract spaces with products designed for both existing and bespoke projects. The brand represents a genuine living philosophy that reflects personal styles, a commitment upheld since its inception.

Continuous Innovation: Bontempi invests annually in cutting-edge machinery, tools, and programming software, ensuring a constant enhancement in product quality. A commitment to a well-defined and recognizable identity sets Bontempi apart, challenging conventional stylistic norms, fleeting fashions, and short-term trends.

Social Responsibility: Beyond craftsmanship, Bontempi values workplace safety, sustainability, and the well-being of its collaborators. Collaborating with selected suppliers sensitive to sustainability issues, the brand fosters a pleasant work environment, providing opportunities for training and development. Engaged in local initiatives such as sports, Bontempi extends its love for craftsmanship to a love for community.

Embark on a journey through Bontempi’s rich legacy, where each piece tells a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless elegance.