Axel Sofa from Fama

Recliner Sofas.

Welcome unique style, comfort and unrivalled support into your home with one of our designer recliner sofas. These models have been built with relaxation in mind, and here at Mia Stanza, we showcase some of the best recliner sofas in the UK at our showroom and online.

Contemporary Recliner Sofas.

Take the weight off your feet after a long day and sink into one of our deep and comfy sofas. Many of our recliner sofas are high-backed for maximum comfort no matter your height, offering fantastic support for the head, neck and feet.

Electric reclining sofas give you versatility and choice in seat position and shape at the click of a button. You can either recline both the back and the footrest or leave the back support in the seated position and elevate the footstool. Our recliners are a genuinely adaptable solution to sofa design, able to move and accommodate you, no matter your mood.