CORD DECO L Mirror from Deknudt – 96 x 96cm


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The CORD DECO L mirror was designed by Roberto Paoli, an italian designer who took inspiration from the geometric work of Johannes Kepler. The mirror is simply a circle divided by a line, known as a cord, which connects two points of the circle’s edge without passing through its centre. Following Kepler’s mathematical proportions, Roberto has emphasized the difference between the two parts of the circle. The larger of the two segments is simply flat mirror whereas the smaller is made of silvered glass with a texture. Silvering the textured glass produces an aesthetically pleasing material of surprising beauty. The reflection in the mirror is split, creating an image that is part blurry, part clear. The contrast between these two is intriguing. Cord Deco can be hung in 4 directions and is also available in a smaller version. It is perfect to combine with the Cord series (without textured glass).

Cord Deco L Dimensions

96 x 96cm

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