Mili & Lalo Leather Dining chairs from Fama

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Fama Mili and Lalo chairs

The Fama Mili and lalo dining chairs are two very comfortable dining chairs from Fama. Their flexible backrest fits perfectly to your back providing you with great comfort and support.

Many leathers for you to choose from.

Choice of wooden leg finish.

lifetime frame warranty for your peace of mind.

10 year guarantee on seat suspension.

Mili & Lalo Dimensions

Mili and Lalo dimensions

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Lalo, Mili

Milli and Lalo Set deals

Single Chair, Set of 4 Chairs (in same fabrics), Set of 6 Chairs (in same fabrics)

Unleash your inner designer

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Become a designer and create your own unique piece of furniture to reflect your personality and wow your friends and family, using Fama’s 3D simulator. Build sofas using different modular combinations and customise your furniture with different fabrics on seat/back/frame etc until you find the perfect mix and fall in love with your creation.

If you have problems working the simulator just give us a call on 01270 628836 and a member of staff will talk you through it, or take a look at our blog, how to use the Fama 3D virtual simulator.

Or even better, if possible, visit us in-store where our team of designers will help you bring your ideas to life on our 72″ 3d simulator.


The simulator is a guide only, some of the fabrics with a large pattern repeat may not appear exactly as shown on the simulator. Please contact us if you require specific fabric placement.

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