Deknudt Mirrors.

Here at Mia Stanza we are proud to have a large selection of Deknudt mirrors on our walls and an even larger Deknudt mirror selection online.

Deknudt produce stunning mirrors in all shapes and sizes, from very Large mirrors to smaller wall fillers or the unusual shaped mirrors that are a work of art as well as a functional mirror like the Scratch and the Ovals

One day in 1946, Frans Deknudt decided to make a mirror. A mirror that was more beautiful, more innovative and of higher quality than the ones available on the market at that time.

Seventy  years later, Deknudt Mirrors has turned into a company with 110 proud employees. In 1986 Frans’s son, Francis Deknudt, took over the helm. And in 2012 the third generation, led by Jan Deknudt, joined the company.

Of course a lot has changed over the years. However, the main theme of the story has always remained the same: offering you, our customer, a fresh, beautiful and high-quality mirror.