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I often watch huge sporting events and find myself wondering how the best athlete’s homes are furnished… I don’t really, I love furniture, but I’m not really (quite) that boring! But if I was, I would finally have my answer, as Architectural Digest have been given a tour by Serenea Williams, around her fantastic new home.

Amongst the countless trophies and stunning Art work, we were delighted to see one of our favourite Fama armchairs, the Moon Chair manual recliner. Serena has 5 manual recliners for herself, family and friends to chill out on, in her Karaoke/media/bar room, she describes them as “super functional” as they “twist 360 and lay back completely”. They also look fantastic in 2 of Fama’s best fabrics, the Venice and the Banksy.

The ease of use of the electric recliner Moon chair is by far the most popular choice for customers these days, but due to the wires involved, they cannot turn a full 360, which would have been a very important factor in a room like Serena’s, giving her the flexibility to watch the performers on stage, have a movie night or turn to take in the views and socialize with friends.

Manual Moon Chairs in Swerena Williams Karaoke room

You may not be able to serve and volley like Serena, but you can definitely rock and recline like her. For more information on the Manual Moon chair from Fama watch the video below. To buy your own, visit our Cheshire furniture store or view the Fama Moon Chair here.

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