Make the most of your space with a storage sofa bed

If you’re limited on space in your home but like entertaining and having friends and family stay over, you’ve probably considered a sofa bed. There are many sofa beds on the market today so you can usually find the right shape and style for your room

Considerations before you invest in a sofa bed

  • Comfort first

First and foremost it’s a sofa and it needs to look and feel right in your room. Gone are the days where sofa beds were hard as rock and a pain to sit on. There is a wide choice available now using the latest technologies to make them both extremely comfortable and functional.

  • Have you got enough room?

Although great space savers they still require enough room to open fully so make sure you measure properly before you go ahead.

  • Is the Mattress good enough for your intended usage?

Will you want to use the bed regularly or just occasionally? If you want to use it regularly then you will want a substantial, good quality mattress. Some sofa beds offer only a very thin mattress that is not recommended for a lot of use. Fama sofa beds offer one of the thickest comfiest mattresses that we have ever seen in a sofa bed, we’d still recommend a proper bed for every day but you’ll find their sofa beds very comfortable for regular use.


Bolero mattress

  • Do you need storage?

You might want a bit of extra space for your bedding, why not hide it in a convenient chaise longue storage compartment. The Bolero from Fama can be bought in different configurations either with or with out storage chaise.

Bolero Chaise

Try the mechanism yourself before you buy

From our experience some designer sofa bed mechanisms can be very stiff and hard to open out and close. Ask to try it yourself before you buy it just to be certain it’s simple enough for you. If you are looking for simplicity we think the Bolero is one of the easiest available. Take a look at the video to see us in the showroom demonstrating just how easy it is.

Accessorising your room around the sofa bed

If you’re looking for table space around your sofa side tables always look good and coffee table in front is often a nice addition. However, think about how your sofa bed opens, some of the latest coffee tables can be extremely heavy and you wouldn’t want to be moving them regularly to use the bed. Just check before you make your decision that they are easy enough to move or available on wheels. Fama also make a number of Fama tab coffee tables, available with a lift-up table top useful to eat from or if you need to do a bit of work on the laptop. These tables also double up as extra storage units, with room inside, to make the most of the space you have and have the added benefit of being able to match the base fabric to your sofa.

Rugs can also cause a slight obstacle when opening your sofa bed depending on the mechanism used by the manufacturer, so you should check with your retailer first whether it could be a problem.

If you’re having problems choosing the best option for your space why not pop in or call us on 01270 628836 and let us help or book an appointment for at our Cheshire furniture store where our interior designer Louise would love to help.